I like the quiet space of night after all are asleep.  The clock ticks on the wall.  Somewhere in the next room, a fly buzzes.  The wind sighs around the house, and I feel every drafty breath of it on my bare legs.  In this calm darkness, lighted only by the last, humming flourescent left on before bed, I think.  My hand is on the switch, and I am alone in my thoughts, comfortable, like later I’ll be under three comforters next to my husband.

In this small space of night, I find myself again.


3 thoughts on “Night watch

  1. a friend of mine calls these ‘monk moments’…when for a brief moment the world seems to stop and things small and large manifest and become clear…insights into one’s true self, parallel worlds, life in microcosm.

    you captured this one well…

  2. I like that terminology — ‘monk moment.’ It fits the sense of total connection with life.

    Thanks, Jude. 🙂

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