Last night (or more correctly, this morning, early), a tree fell, snapping the main power line going to our house.  The cause of the tree falling was due to the “severe wind advisory” that was issued to our area yesterday, and I’m not sure if it was the wind that woke us or the sound of the tree snapping.  Whatever the case, it was a peculiar, bright flash.  Our power company got it fixed, but as the winds are continuing, I may be more sporadic in my postings than usual. 

We’ve had 40mph winds, and a couple of 60s, I’m certain (I felt the house lurch about six inches).  The snow we had is melting, which is not a bad thing so long as the creek doesn’t get high [insert knock on wood here].

However, I started a new story the other day loosely based on a Celtic myth, “The Wooing of Etain,” and it’s going well. 

With the power going funny, I’m glad I make a habit of backing up all my files on a flash drive, and I’m also glad I have all the fixin’s to curl up and write by hand….


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